Yunda group_易境通


  Yunda group, a listed company in Hong Kong, China with a logistic service coverage in China of 90%, sending daily 12 million parcels (on peak days 40 million), holding a market value of 50,9 billion yuan (6,8 billion euro) a year has officially opened its first service point in Malaysia on August 1st 2017.

  The new image has combined the function of the delivery of goods, the accessibility of road, the expression of emotion and other functions of express enterprise as a whole, then uses the Chinese character达as the core, demonstrating that delivering goods to the customers is the first and foremost goal of express enterprise. In terms of colour, yellow is still be used to how enthusiasm and a positive attitude, and black implies professional and safe service quality. All in all, the enterprise target of fast delivering, safe delivering and accurate delivering is shown.

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